A Guy Walks Into a Bar

by Dan Bolles, Seven Days

Before we begin this week's column, I'd like to offer a warning: The opening segment concerns local comedy. So if you're not interested in that, or if you're one of those people who still think local comedy is a joke, you have my permission to skip ahead. Also, you're wrong and probably not much fun at parties, since you obviously lack a sense of humor. But by all means, feel free to sit out the first half of Soundbites this week and use the extra time to ponder your sad, laughless existence. Everyone else...


Vermont Comedy Club

Vermont Comedy Club, located in the historic Armory building at 101 Main Street in Burlington, features the best in local, regional and national standup and improv comedy 5 nights a week! In our intimate, 150-seat showroom, our friendly staff will bring specialty cocktails, local beer & wine, and fun, shareable snacks right to your table. Plus, enjoy our spacious, hip lounge area (open to the public, no ticket necessary).