Below are the Official Rules for the inaugural LACK OF FOCUS 48-Hour Comedy Film Project. If you have any questions (after reading this and the FAQ) please email Have FUN!

Your film must have: 

  • A running time of 4-7 minutes in length (not including credits)

  • A credit sequence of 60 seconds or less

  • Only content that was conceived of, shot and edited during the 48-hour period between the Kickoff Event and the drop-off deadline

  • An all-volunteer cast and crew

  • An opening slate that includes the following: "Created for the LACK OF FOCUS 48-Hour Comedy Film Project, Vermont Comedy Club, 2019."

  • The 3 elements assigned at the Kickoff Event (character, prop, line of dialogue)

  • Permission to use any locations that appear in the film

Your film must be delivered via:

  • A flash drive with the file (mov, m4v, etc.) or

  • An unlisted streaming link (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)


Additional required items:

Team Leader must:

Your Team CANNOT:

  • Pre-plan their film in any way (except choosing team members and a comedy sub-genre). No writing, editing, design, shooting, etc. before the Kickoff Event!

  • Share footage or photos of the production during the 48-hour event (social media posts of cast & crew are okay as long as they don't give away major details - don't spoil the magic!)

Optional Stuff:

  • You do not have to know your entire team before the Kickoff Event (but you can!)

  • You can select a sub-genre of comedy in advance - or you can decide after the Kickoff Event