Legal requirements for the LACK OF FOCUS event are pretty simple. There are two main documents you need to worry about:

Print one of these bad boys now! We only need one of these per team, but it must be filled out and signed by the Team Leader and presented at the Kickoff Event at 6pm on Jun 21st at Vermont Comedy Club.

Print a bunch of these and have them on-hand during the weekend! They must be filled out and signed by every member of your team. These are to be presented when you deliver your film (by 6pm on Sun, Jun 23rd). 

NOTE: We won't be asking you for release forms or waivers having to do with location, music rights, or other stuff. But if you wanna submit this other places in the future (festivals, etc.), you’ll need location releases, music releases, etc. - so think twice before popping that Rolling Stones song in there. Good luck!