Ep 23 - Ruff 'Em Up!

"I'm gonna bet a million dollars-to-donuts that your crack dealer came in and said, 'all I want is an empathetic ear and a conversation'."

Steve Waltien has been in the casts of the world famous Second City MainStage, the Improvised Shakespeare Company, and Whirled News Tonight. His wife Kate James has been seen in the Chicago troupes "Schadenfreude" and "Virgin Daiquiri," on USA in Playing House, and in the viral "Drunk Cubs Fan" video. All of that, we learn in this episode of Improv Vermont, is totally irrelevant, because credits are bullshit and we should all cut out the self promotion already and just be good, loving, sensitive human beings, goddamit.

In this very special Thanksgiving episode, brothers Tad & Brad sort out some long-festering family issues between them, with a little help from Donna, the headhunter with the heart of gold. 

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