What is an Improv Jam?

Every week on Thursdays and Sundays, we host IMPROV JAMS! They're like open mics for improv - throw your name in a hat and the host will call you (and a group of others) up onstage. On Thursdays you'll play short form games, and on Sundays you'll focus on scene work. It's all very supportive, and it's a fun way for students of all levels to practice on stage. The schedule is always subject to change, so please check our calendar beforehand.

Improv jammers get two cool perks. First, they can stay for the two MainStage shows that night for FREE. Second, they are entered in our IMPROV LOTTERY.

What is the Improv Lottery?

Each time you sign up for a jam, you're automatically entered in the lottery. (The more you jam in a month, the better your chances!) At the final jam of each month, we'll announce TWO lucky winners who will be invited to play with our two MainStage troupes at their shows the following week. One winner will guest with short-form team Napoleon, and the other will guest with long-form team The Unmentionables. Wow! 

Check our calendar for jam times, showtimes, etc. - and good luck!