1 DAY ONLY: "Acting For Improvisers" [REG. CLOSED]

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1 DAY ONLY: "Acting For Improvisers" [REG. CLOSED]


Time:  12:00pm - 3:00pm (w/short break)
Date:  Sun, April 23rd, 2017
Fee $25 per student
Registration Deadline:  Fri, April 21st, 2017

* Some improv experience is helpful but not required.

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About the Workshop

You got your acting in my improv!

No, you got your improv in my acting!

Forever entwined and constantly confused with each other, Acting and Improvising are two related, but very different beasts. Creativity and the willingness to play with and support your teammates are all necessary things for a successful improviser to embody and employ, but the performance really comes alive when you understand how to evoke an emotion in your audience.

In this workshop, we'll go over the basics of stagecraft, speech, body language, specificity, and how to show without telling; it will all culminate in some not-often-seen dramatic improv.

Whatever you're working on, whether it be better interaction with your environment, better character work, or even working to stay in character better, there's something here for you.

About the Instructor

Samuel Kurnit is a professional improviser, actor, and voice actor with extensive training at The Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago. Sam was a member of Napoleon, Vermont Comedy Club's house short form improv team, and also performs regularly with its touring company in corporate and private events, as well as with local independent long form team Houseboat. He has performed all over Chicago, at the ImprovBoston Beanpot Tournament, and The Green Mountain Comedy Festival here at Vermont Comedy Club.

Sam is a self-defined nerd, and, when not at work or improvising, can be found spending time with his wife, dog, rabbit, and comic book collection.