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If you are a standup comedian who is interested in performing at VCC, please fill out the form below.

We are crazy-busy so we can’t promise a reply, but we will look at your submission and be in touch if we can use you. Thanks for your interest!

P.S. If you’re a local comic looking for stage time, we have an open mic (almost) every Wednesday!

A Note About Being Booked at VCC
Sometimes out-of-town comics will ask “why is it so hard to get booked at your club?” The answer is that we are always attempting to balance the following: A) bringing in out-of-town comedians we like, B) booking local talent to develop the Vermont scene, C) allowing headliners to bring their own features (happening more and more these days), and D) giving stage time to our improv/sketch program (which most standup clubs don’t have). There are only so many weeks in the year, so we simply don’t have the slots to bring in every comic we like. But if you’re funny and persistent and the stars align, we’ll get to work together someday. Keep trying!

VCC Standup Comedian Submission Form

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